Hopkins Correctional Centre

The works required the existing secure perimeter footprint to be expanded while allowing the main body of the new works to be constructed outside the operational prison. The new works include: two accommodation communities, each consisting of a 76-bed cell block and 11×4-bed residential units; a therapeutic community, containing a 40-bed cell block, a therapeutic support centre,12×4- bed residential units, and an adjacent 8-bed continued detention unit; a gatehouse complex; external stores; shared services, including an operational support and operational management building, 10 management cells; visits centre, health centre; reception and discharge building; kitchen and laundry; education centre; recreation building and outdoor recreation facilities; and four new industries workshops. Work within the existing prison has comprised of the prisoner shop, and the refurbishment and/or demolition of redundant accommodation and buildings.

This project was completed in joint venture with Guymer Bailey Architects (SEDA).