Gorgon Barrow Island Operations, Laboratory & Administration Centre

As part of the Gorgon Permanent Buildings, the 4,100m2 Operations Centre and 2,100m2 Laboratory form part of the critical operational facilities on the Administration Site. The Operations Centre houses a Control Suite which plays a fundamental part in the gas harvesting operations, while tests are conducted in the laboratory to assure the quality of the harvested gas prior to exportation.

Due to the environmental restrictions of the site as a Class A Reserve, the design was developed to enable as much off-site prefabrication as possible to minimise the impact of works on the surrounding environment during construction.  The environmentally sensitive nature of the site was a foremost consideration during the design development process and had a direct impact on safety in design considerations, materials selection, on-going maintenance requirements, whole of life and durability and impact on existing flora and fauna. The design process also required Peter Hunt Architect to meet both Chevron’s international specifications while also meeting local building and construction codes. This required careful consultation with Chevron as the company’s specific requirements occasionally conflicted with Local Authority regulations.