Gold Coast Convention Centre

Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre

Peter Hunt Architect were commissioned by the Queensland Government, along with Jupiters Ltd to create a multipurpose convention and exhibition facility with a 2,000-seat convention area, 5,000-seat indoor stadium, 5,000m² exhibition area and all associated facilities suitably designed for courts, sport, banquets etc.

The Centre incorporates retractable seating, folding acoustic walls and advanced technology to cater for varying types of social functions, conventions, theatre in the round, sports, pop concerts, banquets and exhibitions. An additional exhibition hall and associated facilities were added 2008



Perth Oval Redevelopment

Members Equity Stadium Redevelopment

Conversion of an existing AFL oval (formerly Perth Oval) into a multipurpose rectangular stadium for soccer (Perth Glory), rugby, lacrosse and Gaelic football.

The project encompassed the refurbishment of the existing grandstand; new amphitheatre seating; new grandstand with private boxes, concessions, toilets; new super boxes and coteries, new temporary seating; and new gatehouse and car park.



Subiaco Oval

Subiaco Oval Redevelopment

Originally commissioned in 1994 by the WA Football Commission as a staged redevelopment of the current facilities at Subiaco Oval; this facility includes 44,000 seats, open and closed private boxes, coteries, meeting rooms, concessions, kitchens, ticketing, toilets, change rooms, offices, retail outlet, and medical, training and social facilities for the West Coast Eagles.   Stage 1 consisted of preparation of the masterplan for future development of Subiaco Oval; Stage 2 Southern Grandstand; Stage 3 new floodlights for AFL night football; and Stage 4 the complete enclosure of Subiaco Oval by the Eastern and Northern Grandstands.

This project has received the MBA Construction Award and Subiaco Award.

Project completed in Joint Venture with Jackson Architecture.